The magical time before and after the winter solstice.

Review of the past year

These weeks set the course for the coming year.

Every year from November 23rd to December 20th we go into a review of the old year. The four weeks before 21.12. reflect the past seasons of this year. So you can often find that it gets very cold in the first week of Advent and sometimes snows. Then in the following weeks it becomes milder and warmer again.

In these weeks from 23.11.- 20.12. the past year is reflected, among other things, in the current weather. We reflect the life events and themes of the past year. Cycles are closed. We leave behind what has not become fruitful. We can decide what we want to pursue in the coming year. By reflecting, we can recognize connections and make peace with what has been.

Processing the past year:

Remember, how was it at the beginning of the year? Was there a harsh winter or was it rainy and stormy? How was it in spring, summer, autumn? What moved you? 

The first week from 23.11-29.11 reflects the past winter.

The second week from 30.11- 05.12 reflects the past spring. 

The third week from 06.12-13.12 reflects the past summer. 

The fourth week from 14.12 – 20.12 reflects the past autumn.

Events often reappear in a symbolic form. Stay alert. Perhaps this will help you understand the deeper meaning of what happened last year. In these 4 weeks before the winter solstice, we can make peace with the past and prepare for new future tasks. It’s not the time to make decisions or start something important.

Winter Solstice

On 21.12. the winter solstice begins. With the return of the light, we enter a new present. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy. To have a good time. To feast on fine food and dancing. A celebration to bring a new vision to life with the return of light. 

The sun first takes a break from movement. A deep inhalation.

 And after that, from 25.12. we can feel, slowly but steadily, it gets lighter in our northern hemisphere. In ancient times, festivals always lasted 3 days. So the 24.12. is the highlight of the celebration.

Christmas Eve

24.12. is a kind of future summary of the coming year. What happens on this day is a symbolic preview, a vision of the future for the coming year. It is a mirror of the new year.

And also the etheric nature beings, the little green people (dwarves, elves…) are very close to us. An old custom is to put something on a plate of the noble dishes outside for them. They will thank us. Giving and receiving. Gratitude. 

This is the original idea of Christmas. It is wise to spend this day peaceful. Come together  the day  with people you like and with whom you feel really connected. Remember, it is the mirror of the entire year. It`s in your hands to avoid quarrels and unpleasant things. Take a deep breath before you react. Keep a sense of humor in any situation that might trigger you. Because, well, Christmas is also the celebration of the family. Old conditioning could be tickled awake.

The Rau -nights (smudging nights)

From 25.12. the Raunächte and  the preview of the future year begin. The days between 25.12. and 5.1.  Are called the wild nights, the intermediate time. Its not the Past, not the  present, not jet future. 

These 12 nights are also called the smudging nights, black nights, let go, nights. Because these days you can let go, what doesn’t suit you anymore. Burn herbs, you collected in the year and clear the space. It is a good time to oracle, with cards or other things. Go into silence or do crazy things you don’t do normally . These are  most important days and you can influence the quality of the future. The 12 holy days reflect the quality of the next coming 12 months of the coming year.

Coming events, themes, feelings you can find more or less symbolized in the single days of the Raunächte. It can be an event or thoughts, or funny situations. Humor helps you not to take everything too serious.  These 12 magical days have meaning. In the past people tried not to work and avoid all unnecessary, unwanted activities, because if you are working hard right now or let yourself be overwhelmed by hustle and bustle, the coming year can be hectic and exhausting for you. Let yourself drift and postpone everything exhausting until later.

The ancient customs are often still alive in the countryside and in the older generation. No laundry was done and hung outside. Because restless spirits could get caught in it and wreak havoc. The Veil to the spirit world and the ancestors are thin in these days.

Nowadays washing machine, do the laundry and it is no longer a strenuous job, so don’t panic, laundry can probably be done with no harm. However, do everything mindfully and consciously. The more you focus on giving, the more will get back to you. Of course, not only in the Rau-nights.


Month after month.  Thus, 25.12. reflects January, 26.12. reflects February and so on up to 5.1. 

New Year’s Eve is actually just the mirror for July. And the Celtic New Year began on Samhain/Halloween on November 1st. (Or on the November full moon)

When you experience these 12 days consciously, you get the most of the magical days. At least plenty of relaxing time, because you take it slow. 


° At the end of the day, reflect on what has been. Look at every detail and decide what you can write down. Recommend here are the positive things.  

° The things, situations, wich were difficult and made you insecure, annoyed or sad, you can either extinguish in your mind’s eye or draw a Celtic spiral on a piece of paper. 

Here you can write down ( the negative things)what you want to delete.  

Take a black Pencil and  paint over the words black. 

Celtic Spiral for the  year:

 Draw a spiral on a piece of paper. Draw counterclockwise. 

Divide them into 12 units. Each unit is a day and mirror the month. 

January starts at the outer circle.

For each day, write down what you want to delete. Best everything what was negative during the day.

Do you ask me, why not the positive? You can do this. Delete everything. The drive of the year will be faster. 

Blacken each unit day after day. Do it definitely every night, before you will go to sleep. And there will be nights its very likely you forget. Be aware. 

On 6.1. burn the paper. In doing so, you miraculously  harmonizing  the difficulties that could come next year. It will be less dramatic …and anyway you can change the future and also the past. 

Hoho says the wild Santa Claus, the ancient white – red archetype, symbol for the ancient vision quest with toadstools. He  moves through the night with his reindeer and bless us with gifts of love and connectedness . 

And every year  again, we get a new chance to radiate  and manifest love and connectedness for all beings of the earth. And can deepening  the love of ourselves.

 Of course not only on Christmas eve 😉

….spread  and embody the message of pure love every moment in your life.

  I wish a magical, intense, full of miracles Christmas time.